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Support and Organizations


Technical Support

*Adaptive Technology Help Desk is still operating and we eagerly await your calls.

In an effort to accommodate people with visual impairments in need of technical support, The Chicago Lighthouse has established a telephone assistive technology support line.

The toll free number for the new service is:


Any blind or visually impaired person can call the support line regardless of what product they're using. It can be any hardware or software relating to assistive technology as long as the customer is visually impaired.

They also encourage calls from teachers and other individuals who work with people who are visually impaired.

If the issue can't be resolved over the phone, they will schedule an on-site visit as long as the customer resides in the Chicago metropolitan area.

The Chicago Lighthouse strives to improve the quality of life for individuals who are blind or visually impaired and open doors to opportunities, jobs and choices that lead to enhanced dignity and increased independence.

The Chicago Lighthouse for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

1850 West Roosevelt Road

Chicago, IL 60608-1298



TDD: 312-666-8874

Fax: 312-243-8539

Read more about Chicago Lighthouse For The Blind here:

Click here:

* The Blind Access Journal is a great place to start a search on some of the more popular accessibility issues on your computer and the net .

You can also read about many more blind issues we can face everyday.

Click here: Blind Access Journal

* A great site dealing with accessibility issues can be found at

Support Organizations

*The Accessible Friends Network

is a user-led U K voluntary group who use email, the internet, voice conferencing & other resources to improve the quality of life for blind & V I people & their partners, by networking. We provide support, raise funds and organise activities online, and people with v i access technology skills are particularly welcome to meet or join us. Click here: The Accessible Friends Network

There are local support organizations in your area. People you can talk to about your individual needs and concerns. To obtain listings in your specific location, please enter your info below.

include what your specific support needs are.

E-Mail Address:

Specific Needs:

* Blind Ambition Group is a Dallas, Texas based organization which can help you with:

Click here: Blind Ambitions Groups

* The Association of Blind Citizens is a great model of what a local organization reaching out to its community can do. Check them out at: Click here: Association of Blind Citizens

Online support groups are a great way to meet people with similar issues we deal with in blindness.

* Daily Strength is a blindness support group Click here: Daily Strength support group

* A great resource for finding information is : Click here:

A is a great site for finding information and support organizations Click here: Blind Net's page

There are national organizations that can support you also. They are groups that can fight for the rights of the blind Following is information about and links to the most popular and how to contact your local chapters.

* American Council of the Blind


Click here: American Council For the Blind

* National Federation of the blind Click here: National Federation of the Blind

Each will usually encourage you to become actively involved and join their group.

For questions about what type of support you need and where you should be led, please email us at:  


E-Mail Address:


A new day is dawning

This page soon will contain valuable information not previously available to the vision impaired community.

We are working hard to make this site as complete and truly helpful as possible. In the next couple of weeks you will see this unfold. Please check back often for updates.

If you have helpful information to include in this site please contact us

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